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The Ultimate K-Pop Itinerary: What to do in Korea

In recent years, the explosive growth of K-Pop has been nothing short of remarkable. With its infectious beats, dazzling choreography, and visually stunning music videos, K-Pop has managed to carve out a unique space in the crowded landscape of global entertainment. As a result of the genre’s global impact, there’s been an increase of tourists to South Korea, all looking to explore the home of K-Pop.

In 2023, here at The Dragon Trip, South Korea was one of our most popular destinations for our travellers, and many of them were avid K-Pop fans! So, let’s delve into the highlights of our newest Korea tour – the 9-day K-Pop tour… AKA, the ultimate K-Pop itinerary! 

ultimate k-pop itinerary

A K-Pop Dance Class

Learn step-by-step choreography from the experts, and soon you’ll be dancing like a K-Pop star!

K-Pop is known for its exceptionally polished production values. From meticulously choreographed dance routines to amazing music videos, every aspect of a K-Ppop release is carefully crafted to create a high-quality and immersive experience for fans. We offer a perfect opportunity for K-Pop fans to learn the dance moves to their favourite group’s songs, with this hands-on class, delivered by professional dancers. Don’t worry if you have no dance experience – even one of the directors of The Dragon Trip has tried this class (though we are still yet to see the video evidence)! It’s an engaging, fun experience that really immerses you into the world of K-Pop, whether you’re a beginner or not.

A Makeup Masterclass

Enjoy a makeup session with a team of leading Seoul make-up artists, who use the same Korean make-up and techniques used by K-Pop stars.

K-Pop places a strong emphasis on visual aesthetics, with artists often characterised by their stylish fashion, colourful hairstyles, and trend-setting looks. The overall visual appeal of K-Pop contributes to its popularity in the global fashion and beauty scenes. In a professional masterclass on our Korea tour, you’ll learn about the popular techniques used by the make up artists in Korea, to see how you can achieve the look of your favourite idol.

The HiKR Ground

Learn more about the K-Wave as you visit HiKR Ground, a futuristic cultural centre where you can record your own music video.

K-Pop groups leverage technology in innovative ways, including interactive augmented reality (AR) experiences, virtual concerts, and online fan events. This tech-savvy approach enhances the overall fan experience and keeps the genre at the forefront of digital entertainment trends. Groups like Aespa, K/DA and ETERN!TY are just some of the examples of how K-Pop is incorporating groundbreaking technology into their music. When you pay a visit to HiKR Ground, you can plan, direct and shoot your own music video – using special effects and more – to make yourself feel like one of the idols.

ultimate k-pop itinerary

Hallyu K-Star Road

Stroll around Hallyu K-Star Road to see the Gangnam Dolls.

In the glamorous neighbourhood of Apgujeong, you will find the Gangnam Dolls – cute teddy bear sculptures which represent some of the most legendary K-Pop groups. Whilst strolling past the designer stores that line the road, you will see bears for BTS, EXO, SHINee, AOA, Super Junior, Girls Generation and more! Hallyu K-Star Road has become an iconic place in Seoul for K-Poppers the world over – and it’s the perfect place to get the Instagram shot!

BTS RM Forest

Visit the BTS RM Forest, planted in celebration of the rapper’s birthday and reflecting his interest in environmentalism.

In 2019, dedicated RM fans gathered in Seoul to help plant a total of 1,250 Spirea Prunifolia, dedicated to the leader of BTS. They also donated a huge amount of money to go towards the forest and its upkeep. Since then, fans have even gone on to build a second forest in his name! For any BTS fans – of which we know there are a few! – this is a meaningful location in fan culture, and a special spot to visit on the ultimate K-Pop itinerary.

ultimate k-pop itinerary

Special K-Pop Events

K-Pop fandoms are known for their passionate and engaged communities. Fans, often referred to as “stans,” actively participate in promoting and supporting their favourite groups through social media, streaming, and other online platforms. Fans go above and beyond to celebrate and show admiration for their idols! If you’re a keen K-Popper, keep an eye on your calendar during your trip to Korea. If you’re there on a favourite idol’s birthday or debut anniversary, you might find there’s something very special going on!

In every subway station, you’ll find billboards dedicated to Korean celebrities, and in cafes, the infamous Cup Sleeve events. Whilst living in Seoul, I spent many weekends with friends café-hopping, drinking endless ice coffees, eating sweat treats and collecting merchandise with our favourite idols’ face on.

You can use social media to search for events if you aren’t sure where to find one – or, take a wander down the side streets of Hongdae or similar neighbourhoods, where you’ll be sure to find something amazing happening!


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive into the K-wave and join our K-Pop Tour. Enquire with our team to find out more, or view the ultimate K-Pop itinerary here.


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