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Travelling in India with Jess: Meet the Dragon!

Any top tips for travellers going to India?

The one thing I wish I’d brought with me was my own pillowcase – often some of the sheets in the hostels or on sleeper trains aren’t the cleanest… so I ended up using my sweatshirt as a makeshift pillowcase most of the time!

Where’s next on your travel bucket list?

Australia, The Philippines, and Bali are all very high up my list right now!

A final note from Jess…

A huge thank you to The Dragon Trip for providing such a jam-packed group tour, and an even bigger shout out to our tour guide Dee – you’re in for an absolute treat if you’re lucky enough to have him lead your trip!

To find out more about Jess’s travels, visit her website, or follow her on social media: Instagram and TikTok.

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