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Travelling in Japan with Katrina

What was the best experience you had on the trip?

The best experience was definitely visiting the magic bars in Tokyo. It was a blend of my passion for magic with the local culture, and the interactions there were absolutely unforgettable. I met some really amazing female magicians while I was there!

Where was your favourite place to visit in Japan?

My favourite place was Kyoto, especially the geisha district. The atmosphere was so chill and the streets were beautifully steeped in tradition, making it feel like I had stepped back in time. Specifically I was in LOVE with the architecture! I also really enjoyed Hakone which was very contrasting compared to Tokyo due to its surrounding nature – it was just gorgeous! The thick forests and view of Mount Fuji were very unique! I wouldn’t have thought to go there if I hadn’t been on the group tour.

I also loved the cherry blossoms everywhere and the parks and shrines we went to where we could really see them in bloom. I took this amazing photo that looks like a screensaver almost at one of the temples…it’s so pretty with the blossoms in it. I can’t believe I took such a pretty photo – but that’s the thing! So many things in Japan are just so effortlessly pretty and beautiful it’s not hard to take a wonderful photo.

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