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How to Travel as a Student | Affordable Group Tours

Being a student on a budget and travelling the world might sound like two things that don’t go hand in hand. But, we’re letting you in on a little secret: you can study and see the world! Check out our tips below on how to balance the books and backpacking, and how you can make your dreams come true and travel as a student.

travel as a student

How can I afford to travel?

We all love the day our student loan enters our bank account, and it can be tempting to go on a spending spree. But deep down, we know that money needs to be budgeted well so that it can last until the end of the semester. This money might allow you to go out a few times and do your weekly shop, but will it extend to a trip around the world? Probably not.

So, how do you afford your trip?

  1. Create a visual goal: Work out the total amount you need to save and make sure it’s visible.  Download a budgeting app, or create a second savings account so you always know how much you’re working towards!
  2. Many students find they need to take on a part-time job to get through university or college. Taking on just one or two extra shifts a week and putting some of that aside can help you reach your travel dreams!
  3. Look for sales and discounts: Set your calendars to remind you when Black Friday or January Sales are happening, and make the most of those discounts. (Maybe you’ve got a discount code at the bottom of your Freshers’ bag which can help you book an amazing tour at an even better price…)
  4. Track flight prices, so that you can guarantee the best price possible. Sign up for email alerts and notifications so that you don’t miss out.

At the Dragon Trip, our group tours are the best price possible. We believe that travel should be for all, so our so we try and keep things affordable – by staying in local hostels and travelling on public transport, you can spend your hard-earned cash on the experiences that really matter. We also only require a 10% deposit to secure your spot on a tour! With final payment only due 70 days before you travel, you’ve also got the option to pay in installments to make your dream trip even more accessible.


  • Always be mindful of what you can afford – and set achievable goals.
  • Don’t take out credit cards or loans just to take a trip abroad!
  • Make sure you have travel insurance, in case of cancellations.

travel as a student

How can I balance my travels and studies?

During your time at university, your main priority will (rightly) be your studies. Finding the balance between studying, social life, and working a part-time job can be a challenge, but for some tips on finding that stability:

  1. Create a schedule: Know the tasks that you need to complete for your day or week, and don’t overwhelm yourself with too much each day. Use your time well!
  2. Ensure you have met your deadlines before you travel, and don’t plan any trips over important dates – you don’t want to realise you’re supposed to be in an exam while you’re on the plane! We’ve got a lot of departure dates that marry up with summer holidays and reading weeks, so there’s bound to be a date that suits you!
  3. Choose a company that does the planning for you – like us! We plan our tours carefully so that you don’t have to, making sure wherever you go, there’s always something to see.

travel as a student

What is the benefit of travelling whilst studying?

Apart from the obvious – seeing more of the world, making new friends, and having a whole lot of fun, have you considered the other benefits of a new adventure?

  • Cultural immersion: Experience new cultures and meet local people. Talk to them about their way of life and try the regional cuisine – it’s the best way to open your eyes to life across the world. See if you can pick up a few phrases in the local language!
  • Group travel experiences: Our tours are for open-minded people. This means we welcome travellers of any nationality, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, gender or sexual orientation. No judging,  and no harassing – we want travel to be for all!
  • Connecting with like-minded people: Travelling in Japan because you like anime? Or visiting Nepal because you love to hike? So might the other people on your tour! On a group tour, you’ve got the chance to connect with people you might never have met otherwise. You might meet your new best friend, or your future business partner – the possibilities are endless!
  • Study inspiration: If you’re taking a trip between your second and third year of university, you might find yourself coming back with a fresh perspective on your chosen subject, or a new avenue to explore in your dissertation.
  • Learning to travel responsibly: We all know it’s important to stay aware of our social and environmental impact. At The Dragon Trip, we’re passionate about our planet and the people on it, so we curate our group  tours to invest in the local communities in which they’re based.

We hope we’ve convinced you that travel as a student is doable, affordable, and enriching. So, where will you be spending your holidays?

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