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Eastern Oriental Express Guide:The Magnificent Asian Train!

Luxury trains are a dream come true. It’s all the world’s facilities which, money can buy but on wheels. Being in a luxury train which is full of the best five-star facilities, but with moving scenery, allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds- getting the views from a train while enjoying all the amenities of a pricey hotel. Luxury trains follow a scenic route and this keeps the passengers from getting bored. It’s like being inside the Titanic, but on land and on wheels. The grandeur and splendor seem from another time entirely. If you love train journey then get ready to travel in the luxurious Eastern Oriental Express.

About Eastern Oriental Express


In Eastern Oriental Express, you will get to experience panoramic views of magical landscapes of three countries- Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Laos too. Passengers here will get to be part of a bygone colonial era which was hallmarked by sumptuous surroundings in a world which has forgotten about it. To make it more exotic, the carriages incorporate Eastern themes and motifs as well.

The majestic sumptuousness of the Eastern Oriental Express train, with all of its elegant lounges, comfortable suites and panoramic windows combined with delicious cuisine and supported by an attentive service make this adventure through the heart of Asia! truly unique. Every journey begins with attendants waiting to welcome you onboard and it is sure to be a memorable journey.

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Route Of The Eastern Oriental Express

Route Of The Eastern Oriental Express

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The eastern Oriental Express train is a full luxury train which carries passengers between Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. It is operated by Belmont Ltd.

  • Eastern Oriental Express route runs from Singapore’s Woodland Train Checkpoint and His Lamphong in Bangkok, before stopping in Kuala Lumpur, Kanchanaburi, and Butterworth where it takes three days and two nights.
  • There are a variety of tours which one can be part of while traveling in this- the train crosses Malaysia via the causeway of the Straits of Johor, then travels up the Malay Peninsula through the lush palm plantations before stopping at Kuala Lumpur station. In Penang, you will be able to discover colorful shophouses and mosques in Georgetown. The train will then pass through southern Thailand, passing small villages and beautiful hilltop temples with all the jungles crowding in on it. It’s a beautiful atmosphere to be in. The capital city of Laos, with all of its gilded Buddhist temples alongside the French colonial architecture, the vibrant city of Singapore and the wonderful markets of Bangkok will all be opened for you to witness. The train runs several times throughout the year for most of the months.

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Facilities In The Eastern Oriental Express

Facilities In The Eastern Oriental Express

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It is fully air conditioned along with all the facilities which are present in that of a luxury 5-star hotel. Passengers can choose from various sleeper compartments. All sleeping cars have a narrow corridor all along one side of it with rooms that open off of it. There are three types of cabins in here:

1. Pullman

It is the least expensive one which comprises of a sofa and folds out table. There is also a little ensuite washroom that consists of a toilet, shower, and washbasin. There are electrical sockets which will allow you to charge your electronics.

2. Staterooms

It has double the space of a Pullman along with a sofa, freestanding chair, and an armchair. There is also an en-suite bathroom consisting of a shower, washbasin, and toilet. Along with this, there are also room sockets similar to that of a Pullman.

3. Presidential Suite

There are only two of these and they have sofa, table, and chair during the day, which gets converted into two lower beds by night. There is also a washroom will all the facilities like the above two.

4. Dining Cars

There are three dining cars and there are two sitting for both lunch and dinner- at 12:00 or 14:00 for lunch and 18:00 or 21:00 for dinner. But times can vary. Food is part of the fare but drinks are considered extra. You share a table with different people each time, so it becomes a sociable experience as well. Breakfast is served in your compartments.

5. Observation Lounge Car

There is an observation lounge car at the very end of the train. It is an open-air deck where you can look along at the tracks passing by. This is an excellent place for photography. You will be supplied with coffee and other nibbles in here. Smokers can also puff here as well.

6. Piano Bar Car

This is situated right at the center of the train and it is also the social gathering place. Cocktails, songs and conversation flow here.

7. Saloon Car

It comes with a boutique and a reading room. It features a private dining room, albeit small along with a small gift shop which sells souvenirs. There is also a small reading room where you can catch up on your reading.

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Schedule Of The Eastern Oriental Express

  • It goes from Singapore to Bangkok a couple of times per month in the months of March to December. It is a journey of 2 nights and 3 days which also includes a small tour of Kuala Kangsar as well sightseeing of the Bridge present on the River Kwai.
  • For Bangkok, to Singapore, the train travels a couple of times per month too, which is in the months of February to December. The journey is of 3 nights and 4 days. This includes a visit to the bridge present on the Kwai River along with a tour of Kuala Kangsar.
  • The Train also runs occasional rail cruises for three or six nights which includes Bangkok-Vientiane (Tales of Laos), Bangkok-Chiang Mai, as well as the more extensive Singapore-Bangkok travels.

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The Eastern And Oriental Express Price

• The fare starts at around $3,100 every passenger in a Pullman $4,400 for those opting for a stateroom and $7,350 for those booking a presidential suite. This is assuming that two people will travel together and share.
• It begins at $5,440 for solo travelers which include private tours, sleeper, and meals too, but it excludes drinks. (You can begin counting drinks with one bottle of wine at a price of about $40)

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• Carry your passport with you.
• If there is any medical problem which needs doctor certification then it will be needed.
• Don’t carry narcotics as the possession of it is taken seriously in all the three countries.
• The money used is US dollars but credit cards are accepted inside.
• For special dietary requirements inform them at least two weeks in advance.
• They can’t cater to special religious preparations so don’t expect it.
• Smoking is not permitted inside, but you can smoke on the open deck car.
• Luggage limit is 30 kg for people in Pullman and staterooms but there is no bar for it in presidential rooms.
• Take out insurance before traveling.
• Keep all valuables safe in a handbag.
• Respect the local culture of the places.
• Carry all the valid documentation with you.

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The Eastern Oriental Express offers an experience like no other and its luxury combined with the scenic views across the heart of Asia, makes it a very comfortable and memorable journey. So, pack your bags and book your international trip right away!

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